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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  September 4, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> good evening. it has been near lay decade since the terrorist attacks on september 11th. muslim americans in the bay area are using the anniversary to not only talk about the pain of the
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last ten years and also to try to change misconceptions about their community. here's the story. >> they're doing this in the form of a blood drive, and not just in the bay area. this is going on around the country to mark the anniversary of september 11th. this campaign is called muslims for life, and the goal is to save 30,000 lives through ten thousand bags of blood. >> the decade since september 11th has been painful for many muslim americans. >> we have had some people have been accosted. >> i've been pulled off a plane before. >> while many say 9/11 only made life more difficult for muslims in the u.s., a group of bay area muslims is taking time out to remember all the lives lost by saving lives through a blood drive. >> this is important for other people to know that we are just as much against any violence and
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terrorism out there. >> at the muslim community silicone valley chapter it wasn't just muslims who filled every available donation slot. >> i feel like i do what i can to raise awareness, that muslims are our brothers and sisters just like anyone in our community. >> a new pole by the pew research center found muslims believe it is more difficult to be a muslim in the u.s. since 9/11. also found that 52% of muslim americans surveyed said muslims as a group or singled out for severeliance by government sponsored anti-terrorism policies and 43% say they personally experienced harassment during the past year. inside mosques around america, imams say the fight against extremism coin -- continues. >> they damaged is more than the
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real enemies because they're hurting us from within. >> with the fight against extremism comes the fight against misconceptions. >> for us it's a matter of continuing to educate americans, slowly but surely, to say here's the truth and demonstrate through with our actions. >> this study of muslim americans is one of the most extensive ever as the country's muslim population. even though muslims say life in this country can be difficult, most say they're now satisfied with the direction things are headed. >> as the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, national security officials issued an alert about possible aye al qaeda attacks using small airplanes. the fbi and homeland security warned terrorists have considered representing private planes and loading them with explosives. authorities have stepped up security nationwide as a precaution. aviation businesses in the bay area say they have been notified
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at that alert. >> two fbi agents introduced themselves and told me about the possibility of not a specific threat but that al qaeda was planning to use general aviation perhaps to harm us here in america. >> threats involving small airplanes are not knew. the government ground ud thousands of crop duster after the attacks, fearing those planes could be used in terrorist attacks. >> the families of seven misching fisherman plan to continue their efforts to find them two months after the men disappeared in the sea of cortez. a private fishing vessel sank during a storm on july 3rd. searchers found the body of run man but authorities gave up the search for others. the group, find our fathers, received a check from a restaurant fundraiser that will help pay for more privately funded searches. >> this isn't done for us. there's a lot of closure we need. we need to find the boat to
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bring the loved ones home we can, and to make sure the investigation that mexico is conducting concludes. >> a private company has used sonar and other high-tech gear trying to find the eric. >> big waves pounded the california coast, southern california in particular, the last few days, and tonight officials in orange county say a surfer has died in those waves. since friday, huge waves have brought out the surfers and the crowds. tonight, investigators say a 42-year-old surfer from torrance was found dead in the ocean near his surfboard yesterday afternoon. his exact cause of death is not known. the indiana national weather service warns that six to eight foot waves would hit southern california. >> police in oakland are investigating that city's 80th 80th homicide of the year. it happened just after 3:00 edafternoon in east oakland. a man was found shot to death on
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74th avenue off bancroft. police have not released any information about the victim. last year at this time oakland had 60 homicide, and those 60 homicide victims and other victims of violence are being remembered right now in a village until oakland. peace in the streets is the theme. it began an hour ago on san pablo avenue. a candle will be lighted for each victim of violence killed in oakland last year. the group is giving away backpacks to the children of victims of violence. >> a vigil is set to begin at 7:15 for jose esparza. at the oakland community organization of st. lewis church on hundred avenue. he was shot and killed in front of his six-year-old son last sunday during an attempted robbery. there's $15,000 reward for information leading to the killers.
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>> a long-time democratic campaign treasurer who has worked for politicians in california, now facing charges of mail fraud. he works for a company that is treasurer for candidates, the company claims to have worked for five presidential campaigns and four gubernatorial campaigns. the authorities say the charges involve her position as campaign treasurer and a number of victims may have been detodd l -- defrauded. >> we didn't get any rain today in the bay area, still some home owners in berkeley are dealing with flooding. >> are you okay? >> so sorry. >> the president's pledge during a visit today to those hardest hit by irene. >> leigh: high there i'm leigh glaser. we can see low clouds moving back over san francisco bay.
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>> crews are repairing a water main that broke this afternoon, flooding at least one home in the berkeley hills. this happened around 10:00 this morning at grizzly peak boulevard and shasta. an eight-inch main broke sending water flowing in the streets, through expwrardz into at least one home. crews were able to shut off the water an hour later. no word on what caused the pipe to burst. >> an eight-hour sandoff in the east bay ended after deputies
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moved into a barricaded man's apartment and found him dead. this hand last night when somebody called 9-1-1 about a man beating a woman. the officers arrived and the man released the woman and three children from the apartment but he refused to surrender. application say they heard gunshots and found the man dead when they entered his apartment this morning. officials are investigating exactly huh hoe died. his name has not been released. >> crews in yosemite found the body of a 69-year-old man who disappeared during a backpacking trip. gene hall was found dead in his tent yesterday afternoon. he appears to have died from natural causes. hall, who lived in olympia, washington, was reported missing on thursday. >> the president's visit to areas hit hard by irene, and pledges federal assistance-but the nation may until be able to ford it. >> tropical storm lee comes ashore in louisiana and does not appear to be leaving anytime soon. how the storm is packing a
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double-punch. >> it might be a bit chilly this labor day. leigh glaser has the forecast after the break. osososososososos
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>> john: president obama is saying that washington politics won't get in the way of federal help for towns damaged by hurricane irene. today the president visited a town in number where more than hundred people had to be
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rescued. >> the entire country is behind you, and we're going to make sure that we provide all the resources necessary in order to help these communities rebuild. >> john: the federal emergency management agency has less than $800 million in its disaster relief fund to last through september. new york's governor estimated irene caused $1 billion of dam to that state alone. last week the white house told congress that fema needs billions more in additional disaster relief money. tropical storm lee made landful earlier today in louisiana and is barely moving, and that's causing a big concern about the possibility of severe flooding. here's the latest from new orleans, a town that knows devastation all too well. >> this is the spot my mother and grandfather dade. >> robert green remembers katrina too well. >> we're making sure we keep up with what is going on with the storm so what happened in 2005
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never happen again. >> in the gulf of mexico, oil rig workers are fighting high water levels and strong winds. on land, massive trees have been uprooted. forecasters expect extensive flooding flooding and flashflooding in the coming days with lee bringing up to 20-inches of rain and possible towards tornadoes e gulf coast. >> it's not how much we get but how much we get in a short period of time. >> depends on how the storm is. if it moves quickly through, we may have some relief. if it moves slowly, we won't have relief. >> if gulf coast residents learned one thing from hurricane katrina. >> you have to be prepared and listen and move when you need to move. >> i'm chris welch, reporting from new orleans. >> john: in addition to lee's heavy rains, authorities say possible tornadoes have damaged at least five homes in alabama and mississippi. powerful winds rocked a mobile home off its foundation and flipped it over. no serious injuries reported. >> it was no tropical storm but
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severe weather did not dampen the spirits of football fans in iowa. lightning forces evacuation of the stadium of the game between the university of iowa hawkeyes and tennessee tech. despite the delays, thousands of fans returned to see the last 18 minutes of the game. good thing. the hawkeyes won 34-7. >> the same thing yesterday. a lot of teams. >> leigh: notre dame, the lightning straight at the schoolboard, so hopefully that will move out. a terrific day to head to the coast. the low clouds moved out and family and friends who headed to santa cruz saw a little sunshine. santa cruz, a live shot for you. current temperature there, 61 degrees. real quickly, i want to update you on a couple of tropical features. you see there hurricane katia, and that is 300 nautical miles to the northeast of the leeward islands, and still keeping a
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close eye on tropical storm lee, moving very slowly to the north at 5 miles-per-hour, and you can actually see just at a snail's pace, just winding up, and let me show you live doppler 7 hd. this is what they're talking about. moving so slowly. alet of moisture from the gulf and it's just streaming to the north. some of those red pockets here could be isolated severe thunderstorms. so this is why they're looking for anywhere from 15 to as much as 20 inches of rain as this thing continues to very slowly move on the north and east. we'll keep you updated on that and keep that in mind if you have travel plans this weekend. right now, 84 degrees. sunshine, antioch, 82. san francisco, the fog moving through the gate there. novato, 7 5. 72 and snipe in san jose. here's a look at the weather highlights. clouds return tonight. local drizzle. get ready for mid-day sunshine tomorrow. keep the clouds at the coast, and after that get ready for a
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warmer weather pattern as we head into tuesday. the bank of fog just off the coast, westerly winds just going to move that inland tonight, all the way out towards concord, walnut creek, low clouds and fog extended out towards the livermore valley area, and look for drizzle in the coast and bay. santa rosa and cloverdale, may get into the mid-to-upper 40s tonight, and may see a little clearing there. so at least one more day high pressure is going to back off a little bit. we have a trough of lower pressure that is going past just to the north of us. so look for sunny and mild temperatures once again tomorrow. and then once this moves to the east of us, this high is going to rebuild and that is what's going to help to bring us some heat around here, especially on tuesday and wednesday. highs tomorrow, much like today. 80 for san jose. 82 for campbell. at the coast, overcast, mist and
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drizzle, a little sun possibly tomorrow afternoon for half moon bay. 57 -- 75 for red wood city. north bay, temperatures like today. 82 for santa rosa. 78 for napa. oakland tomorrow afternoon, sunshine, 73. 76 for union city. interior east bay, temperatures upper 80s to near 90. 90 for brentwood, and antioch, and look for 85 for morgan hill. here's a look at the next seven days. wow, tuesday and wednesday, it is going to get warm to hot around here, with 90s returning. inland locations, mid-to-upper 80s around the bay, and even some upper 60s at the coast. >> john: what was that in august? mike is here. tim lincecum and the giants need to burn incense or chant a mantra? >> mike: where are they in august?
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giants want to take one series in this longest home stand of the season, and looks good when cody ross hits a home run in at the
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mike. >> mike: if there ever was must-win for the giants it was today against the diamondbacks. star wars day at at&t. storm troopers. the force was with the giants early. bottom one, ross and his light saber. the solo shot to left. giants up 1-0. ryan vogelsong wag the giants
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jedi on the mound. then gets tossed and comes storming out of the dugout and has to be retrained. d-backs get all dart vader. the solo shot ties the game, and the force is with them in the eighth. four runs, two on this triple by willie bloomquist. d-backs win. giants a season-high seven games back. >> this is at that critical that we take the series. we all know it. we didn't. and now we head down to san diego, and we're still breathing. we're hanging by a thread. i'd say so. so we got come out fighting. >> mike: a's looking to sweep the mariners on breast cancer awareness day. brandon allen says, tack on one more. scores dejesus. here come the mariners in the seventh. ackley crushes this one.
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two-run shot. the mariners are within a run but the a's come right back in the bottom half. ryan sweeney just gets this under the glove of robinson. the a's sweep the m's. the u.s. open was an interesting day on the men's side. the first serve from nadal, taking on albandion. nadal, the forehand smash. he wins the match in straight points. check it out. a scary moment in the press conference after the match. nadal's leg cramps up so badly he slides off his chair. rafa says he is company and moves on. also in the fourth, andy roddick, in the final 16 for the first time since 2008. the '03 champ jumped jillian in straight sets. next up.
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fererra. >> fellow american donald young moving on. the 22-year-old south paw upsetting chela in straight sets. moves on to the fourth round of a gram grandmother -- grand slam for the first time in his career, and his family loving it. >> teeing it up in boston. bubba watson up one strike. phil mickelson shot a 63. he is 4 down. >> during morning practice at the baltimore grand prix, tony kanaan's brakes fail. chick check it out from inside his car. neither driver was hurt. will power who won at infineon a couple weeks ago, wins today's race. >> the 49ers got a new quarterback. we'll introduce you at 6:00. >> john: even a fussy baby can't ruin a 300-year-old japanese tradition. the significance behind thisvov$ s
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>> john: coming up at 6:00, oakland residents tried to take back the streets after a deadly year. what they're doing to help the families of homicide victims. and previewing the president's jobs plan. what is ahead for those still on the unemployment line. join us at 6:00. a group of babies took part in an ancient ceremony this weekend in japan. the sumo ring entering


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